Deck Layouts

Please see the categories below to see what layout would best suite your needs.  Many companies sell deck plans and layouts, we offer some layouts here for free.  A much larger library of layouts exists for our clients to use free of charge to help them with the design of the their dream deck.  You need a Client Log in to see the full list.

Decks under 250 sq. ft.

Andromeda Andromeda Bootes Bootes Crux Crux Delphinius Delphinius Eridanus Eridanus Grus Grus Indus Indus Mensa Mensa Octans Octans

Multi-Level Decks

Antila Antila Caelum Caelum Dorado Dorado Fornax Fornax Hercules Hercules Lupus Lupus Monoceros Monoceros Norma Norma Ophiuchus Ophiuchus Sagitta Sagitta

Low to Groud Decks

Apus Apus Carina Carina Draco Draco Ecuuleus Ecuuleus Gemini Gemini Horologium Horologium Leo Leo Musca Musca Pavo Pavo Volans Volans

Elevated Decks

Aquila Aquila Auriga Auriga Cepheus Cepheus Columba Columba Corvus Corvus Lynx Lynx Pegasus Pegasus Pyxis Pyxis Serpens Serpens Tuscana Tuscana

Decks with Hot Tubs

Aries Aries Cetus Cetus Pictor Pictor Ursa Major Ursa Major Vela Vela