Budget is often one of the most important factors in the design process.
The most important factors in determining the deck cost are: size, material and accessories.


The deck price is often proportional to the deck size, you will hear a lot of contractors giving a bulk park figure on the per sq. ft. basis.  You need to determine for yourself what the purpose of the deck area is going to be and how much space you will need.


Selection of deck material is a major influence on the total cost of the project.  For instance the cost of Ipe is 8-10 times higher than that of pressure treated wood.  Here is a rough bulk park figure for a complete deck project in various materials.  The prices are given per sq. ft. and include complete frame, platform and depending on where you are in the range the types of accessories (railings, skirt, privacy screens, benches, etc.)


Pressure Treated $18/sq. ft - $25/ sq. ft. and up
Cedar $21/sq. ft. - $30/sq. ft. and up
Ipe $32/sq. ft. - $50/sq. ft. and up
Trex (Accents) $26/sq. ft. - $45/sq. ft. and up
Azek (Procell) $31/sq. ft. - $48/sq. ft. and up


Privacy screens, pergolas, benches, custom railings, deck patterns and other design features can significantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of a deck, but they can also increase the cost quite drastically.  Decking companies normally charge you for material and $50-$95 per carpenter hour on site (Delta Decks is closer towards the lower end of this range).  Oftentimes the finishing work on a deck requires a lot more time than framing and decking and the prices for these features are reflective of that.