Alex and Alex on Deck Wars 2

Delta Decks will be competing for a trophy on Deck Wars Season 2.  Alex and Alex from Delta Decks will be participating in this show.  We will be participating in the second episode of the second show.  At this point we are not sure when the show is going to air on HGTV, but think Deck Wars 2 will start some time in Februar 2012.  Alex Krupin - the owner of Delta Decks, also the author of this post will be one of 2 guys on this show.  One of my best carpenters, Alex Serebrenikov will join me.  It's going to be a great show.  The deck was well designed and the plan well executed.  We can't give out any details or comment much about the second season of Deck Wars at this point because of our agreement with the TV show.  All we can say is that it's going to be a very interesting show.

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